What image comes to mind as you read the word “artefact”?


Intact Roman glass cup from Sanitja (


Perhaps you imagine a beautiful bowl recovered from an ancient site. To the archaeologist’s eye, it reveals its secrets : who made and used it, how they lived and even how they saw the world.

Hairbraid artefact on normal chest x-ray (

Or maybe you picture an unexpected mass on an X-ray image.The informed radiographer sees it for what it is – a potentially misleading anomaly and a reminder that human beings and their technologies are fallible.


Of course you may think of  “just a thing.”

I like to invite colleagues to create artefacts as a way of exploring ideas and experiences.


What does teaching mean to you? I’m a dancer

Together we make magazine collages, drawings, sculptures or collections of found items that represent our responses to questions : Who am I as a teacher? What am I like as a learner? What does my discipline mean to me?


Here’s an idea. Go outside for a few minutes. Pick up 2 or 3 objects, for example stones, or leaves. Bring them indoors and arrange them on your desk. Look carefully. In what ways does your arrangement resemble you? In what ways is it different from you? What, if anything, have you discovered?

I wonder how you viewed your arrangement? As a thing of beauty, revealing something of the unique human being who chose and arranged the different parts? As a spurious result? As a random selection of things?

Or perhaps you have another way of looking?




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